About the Program

In April 2015, The Office of Equity and Access launched NYC Great! A Young Women’s Leadership Initiative. NYC Great! (Girls Reaching Every Apex Together) is designed to provide experiences that support the development of leadership and communication skills in young women who are currently attending high school. The program aims to serve as a vehicle for young women to find their voice, articulate their purpose and to become architects of their own future as it pertains to successfully graduating from high school and making college and career choices. The goal of each interaction with participants is to have them consider, “Why settle for average when you can be GREAT?”

The program, in partnership with Mercy College, began this spring with young women in the 9th grade who attend high schools serving community school districts 7-12 in the Bronx.

For more information about NYC Great! contact LeslieAnn Dunn at NYCGreat@schools.nyc.gov.

Key Program Components

GREAT! Day Conferences

Led by the facilitation team at Hip Hop 4 Life, these full day sessions take place during the school year and are designed to help young women un-pack their understanding of who they are and how confidence, reflective practice and leadership play a role in the continuing development of self. Participants have access to guest speakers, films and mini-workshops to further support their efforts to reach their goals. Participants attend leadership sessions in a college setting through a unique partnership with the Mercy College School of Education in the Bronx on the Hutchinson Metro Center Campus.

GREAT! Parents/Caregivers Conferences

The parent/caregiver conferences occur throughout the year and are designed to provide parents and caregivers with an opportunity to connect with the facilitation team and to have conversations around new skills and knowledge they need in order to support participants in the program. In addition, parents will be invited to participate in workshops and activities at the Mercy College Bronx Parent Center. With full parental engagement and support, participants are likely to thrive, stay connected and enjoy success in the program.

GREAT! Mentoring

Mentoring USA has been selected to serve as partner and will facilitate mentor matches for participants in the fall of the 2015. Mentors will work side by side with their mentees at leadership sessions and support them as they develop portfolios that archive their experiences and help the girls as they continue to unpack their hopes and dreams about leadership, college/career readiness and success.